Bar Staff Wanted

投稿者: Pulo Pool Parlour    更新日: 2019-01-11

職種 ウェイター・ウェイトレス
ビザ PR, working holiday, student visa
雇用条件 part time, casual
連絡先 Pulo Pool Parlour
Pulo Pool is a sports lounge located in the heat of Melbourne’s CBD, at the corner of Collins and Kings Streets. 

We’re seeking an RSA certified bar tender to join our vibrant and committed team. You’ll have a variety of duties including serving drinks, cleaning, and ensuring the safety and comfort of customers.

This time we are seeking a energetic, flexible, self managed, and outgoing with great communication skills and excellent English proficiency BOY. The opportunity is suitable for applications who live inside the Melbourne CBD only.

Experience in customer or bar service is desirable, but not necessary.

Applications must submit to email ( with your updated resume attached and an interview will be arranged shortly. 

This is a great opportunity for someone who enjoys working with people and who wants to gain experiences within the hospitality field.



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