Kitchen Staff wnated Sushi Bar in South Yarra

投稿者: Suna    更新日: 2019-05-13

職種 シェフ・キッチンハンズ
ビザ PR, working holiday
雇用条件 casual
場所 South Yarra
連絡先 0433 256 221
We are looking for a staff who can work Mon - Friday between 10am - 3pm.

Our shop is mainly serving Lunch and serving big number of customers in short time.
Customers are local and staffs are required to have good English communication skill, and team work in general. And this position is required to support chef, and basic preps.

Our shop is close to South Yarra Station and corner to Chapel st and Toorak Road South Yarra. A meal will be provided.

Please leave sms or send me Resume on my e mail
or 0433 256 221

Thank you




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