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There are two and a half months left until the 18th Japan Festival in Melbourne and thus we are at that preparation stage of early March.


※ This year’s festival character: 





Each contests raffle prizes have been confirmed. We have managed to assemble double the rewards than past years! 

In the past we have offered prizes for around 1-7th place, but this year we are offering prizes from 1-18th place!


  Prizes Value Sponsor
1st Prize Japan Airlines Melbourne-Tokyo Economy Return Tickets for Two
One Night Stay at Sydney Airport Area
Japan Rail Pass 7 Days Ordinary for Two
$4,000.00 JAL
2nd Prize Bentley Classic Car Drive with Driver & Como Garden Lunch for Four $2,500.00 Como Garden
3rd Prize Janome Computerized Sewing Machine Skyline S5 $1,699.00 Janome
4th Prize Sydney Package 3 Days
Sydney Return Tickets for Two & 2 nights stay at Rydges World Square
$1,200.00 JFOC
5th Prize Apple iPad Air 2 (128GB) $799.00 JFOC
6th Prize Yamaha Keyboard YPT340 $350.00 Yamaha
7th Prize Peninsula Hot Springs Dine & Bathe $220.00 Peninsula Hot Springs
8th Prize Kenzan Japanese Restaurant Meal Voucher $200.00 Kenzan
9th Prize Fergusson Winery Lunch Voucher for Two ($100) and Wine to the value of $100 $200.00 Fergusson Winery
10th Prize ACT Japan Travel Pty Ltd, Travel Voucher $200.00 ACT Japan Travel
11th Prize Puffing Billy Railway Steam & Cuisine with Lunch for Two $197.00 Puffing Billy 
12th Prize Nature Country Nail and Eye Lush Salon Jurique & Voucher $150.00 Nature Country
13th Prize Toolz Gift Box $122.00 Toolz
14th Prize CAL Eyewear Gift Voucher $80.00 CAL Eyewear
15th Prize Eureka Skydeck Entry+Edge Experience Family Ticket $75.00 Eureka Skydeck
16th Prize Kbox $50 Discount Voucher $50.00 Kbox
17th Prize

Wasshoi Lunch Meal and Drink Voucher for Two

$30.00 Wasshoi
18th Prize

Wasshoi Lunch Meal and Drink Voucher for Two

$30.00 Wasshoi





    参加無料 応募作品はもれなく Box Hill TAFE会場に展示されます。
    テーマ: 元気(一般絵画部門、アニメ部門共に共通)
    応募資格 学年によって2部門に分かれます:
       小学校部門 PrepからYear 6まで
       中学校部門 Year 7からYear 12まで

    賞 (一般絵画部門、アニメ部門共に共通)  小学校部門、中学高校部門ともに
       1位 賞状と$50 の商品券
       2位 賞状と$30 の商品券
       3位 賞状と$20 の商品券

     詳細は 公式ページ: http://www.jcv-au.org/japanfestival/contest-ja/drawing-contest-ja


Painting/drawing contest:

This year we have two divisions within the the painting/drawing contest. Firstly, the general division for all artwork and secondly the anime division specific to painting/drawings of anime. 

Competition has already begun, with no entry fees! Please send in your work to Box Hill town hall. 

Theme: Genki (being healthy and happy. So, being energetic, spirited, cheerful etc. as well.) – This applies to both the general division and the animation division. 

Who can compete? - Drawings are divided into two categories depending on your grade level. 

         Elementary school group – Prep to Year 6
         Primary School Division - Prep to Year 6
         High school group – Year 7 to Year 12

Prizes – All divisions are awarded the same rewards (elementary school and high school categories, in both the general and anime divisions will receive the same prizes.)

Prizes: The same prizes for the General Art Category and Anime Category in each Division

       1st place - Honorary certificate and a $50 gift voucher
       2nd place - Honorary certificate and a $30 gift voucher
       3rd place - Honorary certificate and a $20 gift voucher

Further details are on the official page: http://www.jcv-au.org/japanfestival/contest-ja/drawing-contest-ja



    出場資格: 着物、袴、浴衣でコンテスト開始時間15分までにメインホールに集合出来る方。

       1位  -  toolz clothギフトボックス  [toolz]
       コスチューム賞  -  CAL Eyewear $80 ディスカウントバウチャー [CAL Eyewear]
       特別賞  -  ショッピングバウチャー $30 [JFOC]
       参加賞  -  だし醤油 or てりやき醤油 [鎌田醤油]

     詳細は 公式ページ: http://www.jcv-au.org/japanfestival/contest-ja/kimono-contest-ja


Kimono contest:

Who can compete? - Those who can gather in the main hall wearing either a kimono, hakama or yukata, 15 minutes before the contest begins.

      1st prize – Toolz Cloth Gift Box
      Costume prize – $80 CAL Eyewear Discount Voucher 
      Special prize – $30 Shopping Voucher 
     Participation prize – Dashi Soy Sauce or Teriyaki Soy Sauce 

Further details are on the official page:  http://www.jcv-au.org/japanfestival/contest-ja/kimono-contest-ja




    出場資格: 自称コスプレイヤーで、コンテスト開始時間15分までにメインホールに集合出来る方。

       1位 - CAL Eyewear $80 ディスカウントバウチャー & 醤油セット [CAL Eyewear & 鎌田醤油]
       コスチューム賞 - Kbox $50 ディスカウントバウチャー & 醤油セット [Kbox & 鎌田醤油]
       特別賞 - ショッピングバウチャー $30 [JFOC]
       参加賞 - HotHands [Kobayashi Healthcare - HotHands]

     詳細は 公式ページ: http://www.jcv-au.org/japanfestival/contest-ja/cosplay-contest-ja


Cosplay contest:

Who can compete? – Those who can gather in the mail hall wearing a cosplay outfit, 15 minutes before the contest begins. 

        1st prize – $80 CAL Eyewear Discount Voucher and a Soy Sauce Set
        Costume prize - $50 Kbox Discount Voucher and a Soy Sauce Set
        Special prize - $30 Shopping Voucher
        Participation prize – Hothands Hand Warmers

Further details are on the official page: http://www.jcv-au.org/japanfestival/contest-ja/cosplay-contest-ja



    出場資格: 歌好きであればどなたでも参加可能。CD録音による予選を行います。

       1位 - パッフィンビリーファミリーチケット [パッフィンビリーレイルウェイ]
       特別賞 - CAL Eyewear $80 ディスカウントバウチャー [CAL Eyewear]
       参加賞 - Kbox ディスカウントバウチャー $20 x 5 [Kbox]

     詳細は 公式ページ: http://www.jcv-au.org/japanfestival/contest-ja/karaoke-contest-ja


Karaoke contest: 

Who can compete? – Anyone can participate as long as you like singing! We will perform qualifying rounds via CD recording. 

       1st prize – Puffing-Billy Family Ticket
       Special prize - $80 CAL Eyewear Discount Voucher
       Participation prize – Kbox Discount Voucher $20 x 5

Further details are on the official page: http://www.jcv-au.org/japanfestival/contest-ja/karaoke-contest-ja




Japan Airlines AISIN Como Garden TOYOTA Kobayashi Kobayashi Hot-Hands Janome Toyota Boshoku Asahi Goshu Rydges Hotel CAL YAMAHA Puffing Billy Pioneer Zero Lam Windust TOOLZ Kamada Shoyu Furgusson KBOX KENZAN ACT Japan Travel Wasshoi Bar and Grill Skydeck



         スポンサー申込: http://www.jcv-au.org/japanfestival/sponsors-ja

         ブース申込: http://www.jcv-au.org/japanfestival/booth-tmp-ja





日 時:2017年5月21日(日)10:00am−5:00pm 

場 所:Box Hill Town Hall とBox Hill TAFE
   1000−1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill VIC 3128 (Box Hill駅より徒歩3分)

公式ウェブ:  http://www.jcv-au.org/japanfestival/

公式Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/japanfestivalboxhill/


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